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Omega Recruitment and Talent Search’s mission is to offer remarkable, efficient and effective end to end placement solutions.

Remarkable recruitment involves not only placing candidates that are above average to excellent but matching candidates expertly to the activities they will perform. At Omega Recruitment and Talent Search we recognise that staff not well suited to their jobs contribute less, detract from the performance of others and consume far more time and effort to manage. Furthermore, incompetency creates the opportunity for dishonesty in the workplace. Conversely, staff who are well matched to their tasks invariably demonstrate higher levels of initiative and creativity, stay longer and produce more. Consequently following a remarkable placement, clients will spend less time on guiding, coaching, managing and meeting with these top performers and their business risk will be reduced.

Omega Recruitment and Talent Search is able to match the right candidate to your organisation, ensuring there is a perfect match between the personality of the candidate and the ethos of your organisation and that the candidate has the necessary skills and ability to efficiently and effectively complete the requirements of their new role.

Omega Recruitment and Talent Search recognises the intrinsic benefits of a relationship with successfully placed candidates and to this end endeavours to maintain a valuable partnership with our database of candidates.

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Omega HR are a member of the Association of Personal Service of South Africa.


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